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On Ruffled! Our Monochrome Spring Editorial

Yay! I'm excited to finally blog the shoot we did this Spring! It was featured on Ruffled, head over and see it here

My favorite photo from the shoot! Sydney did an amazing job holding that pose, there's basically no windowsill!

Inspirational shoots are amazing to be a part of. This one was my first and it was so much fun. Krisanna of Koordination by Krisanna asked me if I'd like to be a part of a shoot she was putting together with Kelly Lemon Photography and I knew I had to be part of it. Krisanna said she wanted an all white, delicate and romantic. The results of the team she put together was pretty stellar! All photos by Kelly Lemon Photography! 

Kelly Lemon Photography

Ok, let's talk flowers! This was actually a bit of a challenge for me. Partially because my mind was racing with different ideas, but mostly because the floral industry loves to throw curve balls. We shot this in the beginning of March (aka: floral no mans land) ok, it's not that drastic, but it is in between seasons and availability and quality can be a challenge. White flowers are delicate and bruise easily so they need a little extra lovin'. About 1/3 of my product I ordered was either unacceptable; they arrived crushed, bruised, or the stems were too short (I'm looking at you, sweet peas!)  or, somehow, they arrived not white. I had yellow and pink tinted tulips, light pink roses and pink jasmine instead of white. All of these things happen occasionally. How they happened all at once? Not sure. BUT - I made it work. The AMAZING clematis covered me. (that's the giant white flower in the bouquet) Clematis is my absolute favorite and I could (and might) use it in everything this year. There are so many varieties in so many colors! I finished the bouquet off with a treat: Silk and Willow Ribbon. The table centers I did in mercury glass compotes. Nothing adds elegance like a compote dripping with flowers!

The Rainier Chapter House was the ideal space for this shoot. The huge windows provided the perfect light, and the white walls were wonderful. This is actually the venue where I did my first wedding as Studio 3, it was a wonderful trip down memory lane. What a classic, fantastic space! 


And that dress. Oh, that dress. Our wonderful model Sydney wore a stunning Clare La Faye gown provided by Cicada Bridal. It was absolutely perfect. I loved the sweet delicate detail and the way it moved. The Heidi Hull Jewelry polished it all off.  Her hair and makeup was stunning, classic and romantic by the fabulous Hanna Mazur, who is about as sweet as they come.

It was a treat to use a huge white farm table provided by Vintage Ambiance. They have the best selection! They also provided the amazing buffet that Ruths Chris Steakhouse's food display was on. All tabletop decor was provided by Pedersons Event Rentals, with the exception of the white plates, which Krisanna found at Pier 1

The cake that Stone Layne provided was the perfect classic cake. I love sugar flowers and, if I'm honest, I don't think a cake is complete without them! Vintage Ambiance provided the amazing table for the cake, and I put a crescent shape of flowers on the bottom shelf. It was so sweet! 

The invitation suite was so beautiful. Everything was HAND written by Krisanna. She does amazing calligraphy - ask to see her sketch book! 

Many thanks to the amazing team that made this happen!