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Megan & Marcus // Swiftwater Cellars Wedding Cle Elum, WA

I met megan and her wonderful mother at Weddings in Woodinville when I was the florist at Woodhouse Wine Estates with Katie of Sprinkled in Seattle. They are some of the happiest, fun loving clients I've met and I had a great time designing for them! They loved what we did at Weddings in Woodinville and really wanted to use that aesthetic at Swiftwater Cellars. We kept it crisp, clean and elegant by using all white and green and all seasonal, local, and organically grown flowers. I never, ever tire of white and green! Seattle is so green, I think locals can take it for granted. When people come in from out of town it is striking and it's great to see Seattle worked into the floral designs :)

Megan loves ferns. No wonder since they're a pacific northwest staple! For the wedding ceremony she wanted large ferns as aisle accents and even bigger ones as ceremony arrangements. She originally wanted to get married in a church but when that didn't happen she wanted to bring in a cross to give it the same appeal. I made a small woodland arrangement to sit on the cross, I wanted it to look like it had been sitting in the woods and had begun to sprout a little fern.

The top priority for Megan was the WOW factor when the guests walked into the reception space. She wanted the flowers and candles to take her guests breath away! I was fortunate enough to be there when the guests walked in and I'm so glad we achieved that! The reception was in the wine cellar which has no windows, so bringing in a lot of candles was a must! Using a lot of various types of candles gave it such elegant drama. The main focal piece was the farm table which was centered in the room. We went all out on this beauty. A cedar garland was on the table and candles and white and green flowers drenched the table. Taper candles add just the right touch to any tablescape and this was no exception. Oh! What a gorgeous event! This has to be one of my absolute favorites!! 

Jacob Land Studios is a brilliant photographer and did a great job capturing everything!

It was wonderful to get out of Seattle and into the country to flower this amazing wedding!! Congrats Marcus and Megan!!