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Kathleen and Mike - Bybee Farms, North Bend Wedding

Kathleen and Mike are amazing! I've known Kathleen and Mike for years, and actually introduced them at a party about 6 years ago. They tied the knot at Bybee Farms in North Bend in August and it was an amazing setting.  Kathleen wanted a rustic feel to go with the venue, nothing over the top, yellow and purple tones and the flowers must be locally grown. I'm happy to say that 90% of the flowers were organically grown in Washington (30 miles away!), with the remaining flowers from Oregon and Northern California. 

I not only designed the flowers, I was also in the wedding and my daughter was one of the flower girls. My son was 5 months old at the time and was refusing the bottle and would only nurse. The venue was an hour and a half away from my studio. See where this is going? I designed all 25 centerpieces, all personal flowers, and managed to feed my son (sometimes myself) make the rehearsal and still get ready and enjoy all the festivities. It was a joy and a zoo and I'm very thankful for all the help I received that day!!

Congratulations Kathleen and Mike! 

All photos were captured by the wonderful Kristin Hallak Photography!