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Garden style Gala at Inglewood Golf Club // Kenmore, WA

A majority of my work is weddings, but sometimes I get to flower other events too! I was honored to create something special for the fundraising gala for my daughters school. This was a garden themed event and I was SO excited to give back and support the school that does so much for it's students. It was held at the beautiful Inglewood Golf Club in Kenmore. It's a gorgeous venue for weddings and the staff is great to work with! The school didn't have a photographer for the event so I hired Lauren of Lauren Ryan Photography to come out and snap a few photos to share with you all. I was thankful she was available to come out, as this event has some of my favorite pieces yet! Mostly the huge greenery mantle piece (it would be great for a wedding backdrop!) and the greenery chandeliers! 

The flowers were all white, cream, and green and were garden style - my favorite! The copper added more natural warmth than a shiny gold or silver which would be too cool - the copper was perfect in the space. 

My favorite part of this event was the greenery on the chandeliers and decking out the HUGE mantle in the ballroom. When I walked into the space I knew I had to do something on those chandeliers. The room has gorgeous soaring ceilings, a beautiful intricate beams, and so much classic glamour I had to play it up and move the garden up! I wanted to draw attention to that drama while not making it feel vacuous. Adding greenery was the perfect touch and made such a large dramatic room feel nice and cozy. And this mantle - be still my heart - is a beast and ridiculously gorgeous. I love doing all designs, but there is something about the mantle that is something special to me. This was SO FUN. I wanted to do something dramatic and it needed to be to scale, so it needed to be a substantial installation. Smilax vines graced the sides and gave it a garden-esque vibe. It looked like it had been growing there for years and that's what we were going for! 

What a beautiful event!! I loved the way it turned out and I am so thankful Lauren was able to come up while I was setting up! Thanks Lauren!