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Christina and Britten - September 2014 in Seattle, WA

Christina and I met shortly after I had my second child. He was thrilled to meet her at our consultation (ok, maybe he just slept the whole time) Christina and her mom we wonderful to get to know. Her vision was simple for her day: she wanted blue flowers and wanted things to be rustic with a bit of woodland. Christina and Britten met while they were counselors at a camp and wanted that story to be central in their decor. I could tell that while they wanted to keep it rustic, they also wanted a bit of elegance.

I'll let you in on a little secret: I'm scared of blue flowers. For good reason. The hues and shades can be difficult to balance, and there are very few naturally blue flowers. I don't do dyed flowers. Many do use dyed flowers, but I like mine natural and organic. This left few options. I gathered some blue and mixed them with cream, white and peachy tones to soften the contrast between the blue and white. At the end of the design day I was so thrilled with everything, the bouquet in particular. It was one of my favorites of 2014 and now I have no fear of blue! Unless it's died blue flowers, because those ARE scary! 

Thank you Christina and Britten for including me on your day! And thank you to Kristin Boyett Photography for generously sharing your images with me!

This is my favorite part of the wedding day. Handing off the bridal bouquet to the beautiful bride. This face is my standard of success! 

The bouquet was finished with a ivory ribbon, silk grey ribbon and a beautiful grey lace. 

The bridesmaid bouquets were white and green with white dahlias, local snow on the mountain, and green trachelium. The bridal bouquet shone with white garden roses, tweedia, Japanese anenomes, clematis, snow on the mountain, blue agapanthus, papaya pods, blue veronica, white roses and white peris. 

Christina and Britten wanted to use blue mason jars on wood for the centerpieces. Each table received a Christina and Britten wanted to use blue mason jars on wood for the centerpieces. Each table received a "cabin number".