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Chris and Helen - Januik Novelty Hill, Woodinville Wedding

Chris and Helen were awesome to work with. I felt like I clicked with them from our first meeting and I'm so glad that we did and that I got to do their flowers for their wedding! They are high school sweet hearts and managed to do long distance in college. Helen has her masters in interior design and was very clear on what she wanted. Their venue is one of my favorites. Januik makes some fantastic wine and it's an easy load in and out (your florist looooves this!) the people are very easy to work with and the setting is beautiful. It is relaxed, family friendly, modern, but still has a beautiful natural setting. 

Designing for a designer is both awesome and a little intimidating at the same time. We understood each other easily, but I felt extra pressure because I knew her eyes were trained very well!  I'm happy to say that everything turned out beautifully and that it was picked up in a magazine! You can find Chris and Helen in Seattle Bride Winter/Spring issue! Yay! Many thanks to the fabulous Angela and Evan Photography for all the photos! 

Her dress?! Amazing, right?

The bridesmaid dresses were perfect! Their light blush and white bouquets popped off the dresses 

I just love this image. It feels so natural and peaceful :) 

Chris and Helen had a very, very talented friend do all of their design and paper for their wedding. I couldn't believe how amazing it was. When they told me that they wanted to do something nice for her to say thank you, I suggested wine. Haha, they said it needed to be much better than wine. Indeed, it does. Knowing them, I'm sure whatever they did was great 

The mothers carried small posys rather than the traditional corsage. This is a great option for summer weddings where dresses tend to be lighter and the weight of a pin on can pull the fabric. It's also nice for moms who may feel uncomfortable with all eyes on them. It's nice to have something to hold onto 

Couldn't agree more! Yay Chris and Helen!