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soft, free, and meant to be

Flowers, like champagne, are a necessary component for a true celebration. Our designs for every wedding, party, or gala begin by centering on our clients’ celebration, joy, love, and passion, and then build out from there. As a bespoke studio, we put careful thought into every detail, curating each element to suit the unique personality of each event. We work with you closely to develop your personal style and blend it seamlessly with our lush floral designs.  

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Soft, free, and meant to be

Our designs have a natural softness where the flowers rest in arrangements that are free form yet refined and, most importantly, they are meant to be. Nothing is forced. The design is cohesive, natural, as timeless as nature itself.

When it comes to flowers, our standards are high. Only the best make the cut. We are fortunate to live in an area where local, sustainable practices produce superior flowers that make the most beautiful arrangements.

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Chandin Geihsler has had, for as long as she can remember, a passion for all things lovely. She grew up in the garden, captivated completely by flowers as a child.  When she grew she immersed herself in studying art and interior design, which translated easily into floral design. When she's not working with flowers, Chandin enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband and children, digging in the garden, exploring new cities, sipping tea or mimosas, and hosting backyard BBQs.

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