6 Intriguing Facts About Flowers You Must Know

Flowers are associated with many things, such as beauty, color, fragrance, and love. However, there are certain things about flowers that will astonish you. You’ll be intrigued upon learning the facts about flowers that not many people know. So, we’re giving you an opportunity to know some truly amazing facts about flowers here. Without further ado, let’s see what are they:

1. Tulips were once more expensive in Holland than gold

In the 17th century, some parts of Western Europe was under the grip of ‘tulip mania’. There came a time when tulip bulbs became more precious than gold in Holland. Among the most expensive ones were the broken bulbs of this flower species with a striped and multi-colored pattern. Soon, people began using tulips as a currency.

In those days, tulips used to be symbols of immortality, love, and life. The ‘Semper Augustis’ cost 10,000 guilders, making it the most expensive flower at the time. This could’ve got an individual one of the finest houses near the expensive, fashionable and happening Amsterdam Canal.

2. There are over 30,000 varieties of roses

You might think that you can list all the different varieties of roses. Well, you’ll be in for a surprise here. Botanists from different parts of the world have discovered that there are nearly 300,000 species of flowers. Of these flower species, the rose varieties are more than 30,000. Among all the roses, Juliet rose is the world’s most expensive flower costing $5 million. So, now you know that you know so little about roses!

3. Bamboo develops flowers after 65 to 120 years

You might’ve heard about the fact that bamboo releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere. Bamboos can also absorb more carbon dioxide than any of the other plant species. What many people don’t know is that bamboo develops flowers after 65 to 120 years. Another interesting fact is that all the bamboo flowers develop at the same time no matter where they’re located in the world.

4. Broccoli is actually a flower

Broccoli is a green plant that comes from the Brassicacceae family. It is one of the green plants that are edible. You eat its flowering head thinking that it’s a vegetable. One would find it hard to consider it a flower. Although it doesn’t have any fragrance, it’s actually a flower that can be pollinated.

The Broccoli flowers and stalks are consumed by many as vegetables. It can be eaten either in a cooked or raw form. Over the years, Broccoli has developed the reputation of a super food owing to its low calorie count. It’s also rich in nutrients.

5. There’s a flower that smells really awful

Flowers are generally associated with beauty and fragrance. Well, you’ll be astonished by the fact that there’s a flower that smells as awful as a dead body. The ‘Sumtran Titan Arum’ is a variety of flower that can change your beliefs about the fragrance of flowers.

It is also known as ‘corpse flower’ owing to the resemblance of its smell to a dead body. So, if you ever come across this flower, think twice before going near it.

6. The Chinese once expressed romantic love with tulips

If you’re thinking about gifting something to your sweetheart, you’ll probably think about roses first. It may come as a surprise to you that people in China used tulips to express their romantic love. This was some 50 to 100 years back. As a result, the sales of tulips in China used to soar on special occasions involving couples.

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