6 Best Flowers That are Preferred for Bouquets

When a bouquet is being prepared, different varieties of flowers are chosen carefully for the floral arrangement. One of the best aspects of flowers is that they’re abundantly available in nature. A bouquet that’s made with some charming flowers can instantly draw people’s attention.

Besides, the fragrance of a flower is enough to keep people in good spirits. You can also choose some beautiful flowers with mesmerizing fragrances to create an attractive bouquet for someone special. Here, we’ve listed some of the best flowers that are commonly preferred for making bouquets:

1. Lily

Among the different types of lilies, Calla lilies are the most exotic. They are, therefore, among the flowers most desired by the florists. They’re available in varying sizes and colors. You can go for a white lily if the intention is to be modest. If you wish to express passion, you can choose a bouquet of orange lilies. Generally, a bouquet that’s prepared using lilies can be ideal for expressing devotion and humility.

2. Daffodil

Daffodils are commonly used in a variety of bouquets. This is because of their unmatched beauty and availability in large numbers. You’ll have no problems in getting a bouquet of Daffodil flowers. They can be gifted on all the special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays.

Daffodils are also one of the most sturdy flowers, as they don’t wilt away readily. They can stay fresh for many days if you change the water in the vase every day. These flowers can stay fresh for an entire week if you add some liquid plant food.

3. Rose

In a way, most of the bouquets will seem somewhat incomplete without roses in them. This explains the importance of this flower. Florists use roses in the creation of some elegant bouquets. The best thing about this flower is that it’s available in different colors for conveying different feelings.

For example, a bouquet of red roses is ideal for confessing your love to someone. You can present a bouquet of yellow roses as a symbol of friendship. Another great thing about roses is that they’re easily available and look beautiful as well.

4. Orchid

There are some 30,000 species of orchids and carry different meanings. To gently express your feelings, you can gift orchids to your loved one. One would appreciate a bouquet made with orchids on several occasions. Another important thing to note is that the beauty of these flowers usually fascinates a lot of people. This is why many florists commonly use them to create bouquets for different occasions.

5. Gerbera

Just like the orchids, different varieties of Gerbera flowers have different meanings. There are Gerbera varieties that are symbols of purity, innocence, cheerfulness, and other qualities. They’re also available in varying colors. So, the florists can use Gerbera flowers for different occasions. The Gerbera floral arrangements can add that extra beauty to the occasion and make the event truly memorable.

6. Peony

Florists use peonies of different colors to create attractive bouquets. They can help you express your feelings in the most unique manner. Some of the peonies are symbols of romantic love, while others signify fortune or prosperity. Bouquets prepared using peonies are ideal for gifting to the couples on the occasion of their wedding.

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