5 Popular Types of Floral Arrangements

If we compile a list of different types of floral arrangements, it would seem like an endless one. Usually, while choosing them for your event, there are many things you need to consider. There are a variety of floral arrangements that you’ll come across. They vary greatly with regards to color schemes, shapes, styles, types, and moods. Your choice will obviously depend on the type of event you’re planning.

If you intend to host a gala, you’ll mostly go for centerpieces. If it’s a product launch that you’re planning, the event will involve multiple product displays. In such a situation, you’ll benefit from the long and low arrangements highlighting the brand. Now, let’s take a look at some of the popular types of floral arrangements used for different occasions.

1. ‘S’ shaped floral arrangement

This charming floral arrangement mostly has a bigger size and can be used for any of the special occasions. In this type of arrangement, the flowers are arranged artistically in the form of the alphabet ‘S’. They are placed in flower stands in an upright position.

Leaves and floral fillers are used for completing this fabulous arrangement of flowers. The ‘S’ shaped floral arrangements can transform the look and feel of any special occasion.

2. Centerpiece

This classic floral arrangement is extremely popular and is something that everyone admires. Such arrangements are typically available in vases with sizes of 4×4 or 5×5 inches. They are commonly placed on the center of a dining table. You can also use them as cocktail arrangements.

They can be placed at different spots throughout product displays or corners of the flower walls. A centerpiece has never gone out of style and this makes it a timeless floral arrangement.

3. Long and low floral arrangement

Long and low arrangements are true to their name. They’re generally longer and more detailed than a traditional floral arrangement. This is because they’re spread over long surfaces. In a way, a long and low floral arrangement is yet another cousin of the centerpiece.

People use these arrangements in tablescapes for creating a single floral decoration across the table. They also work well in case of product displays. Long and low arrangements help in breaking up the products, while maintaining their visual charm.

4. Bar arrangement

You’ll mostly find bar arrangements on top of the bar. They add beauty to a busy and happening space. We can consider this as a taller version of the classic centerpiece. It creates a feel of elegance and glamour, which can be instrumental in attracting guests to a new location.

You can also use such arrangements in many other places at a particular venue. They can be used to frame a mantel near a fireplace or kept near product displays.

5. Bud vase

Often, bud vases are a good addition to centerpieces and bar arrangements. Bud vases can complement them by reflecting a similar mood, color scheme, or style. You can place bud vases close to larger arrangements as complementary pieces. They can also help in filling up the spaces. These miniature arrangements have fewer stems, but still do their part in making a décor look well-designed and complete.

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