4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Florist for Your Wedding

Flowers are undoubtedly important during the day of wedding as they’re used in wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, and many other places. They’re found at the center of tables in the reception and enhance the beauty of wedding arches during ceremonies. So, when you’re planning your wedding, you must consider hiring a professional florist.

One of the reasons is that professional florists work with flowers all the time. This makes these individuals perfect for handling all the matters associated with floral arrangements on your special day. Now let’s go through some of the other reasons why you must hire a professional florist for your wedding:

1. A florist knows what’s available and in season

When certain kinds of flowers are in season, a florist can easily source them. You can save a considerable sum on flowers by using the ones that are readily available. This is where the experience of a professional florist helps you. Such florists often order locally from the farms they know or the suppliers they work with.

Problem arises when the required flowers are not in season. In such situations, they’ll need to be ordered from distant places. This would certainly be a costly affair if you’re doing everything yourself. If you’re working with a professional florist, he or she will surely get this sorted.

2. A professional florist knows from where to source the best flowers

The suppliers of flowers have connections with many individuals who grow flowers. Professional florists work with many of these suppliers and also know about the best flower markets. So, they have plenty of options from where they can source the flowers needed for the bouquets. Besides, the floral arrangements for wedding need some variety in flowers.

Once they arrive, the flowers need to be cleaned and trimmed properly. They’ll also need some flower food to keep looking good. Above all, they need to be tied and arranged together while creating bouquets. So, in order to save time, a professional florist will always use the best sources for getting the flowers.

3. A florist knows how to order flowers

A professional florist will order up to 20% more flowers for creating bouquets or floral arrangements. By doing this he or she makes sure that there’s no shortage of flowers to work with. Sometimes, there are certain flowers that arrive in a damaged condition. Ordering a little more than the required quantity will also take away some pressure from the florist.

Availability of extra flowers helps florists to replace the flowers that no longer appear fresh. They know some key aspects of ordering flowers. One of them is knowing when the flowers are at their peak of freshness. They must also know what flowers are available by the box, the bunch, and the stem.

4. A professional florist has a lot of experience

Professional florists are busy individuals and are involved in weddings almost every weekend. They have a lot of experience in preparing bouquets, pinning boutonnieres, and setting up arches for the wedding ceremony. They also know how to place the wedding centerpieces much before the guests come in.

When the event is over, they also know how to clean up everything in no time. It is this experience that creates a huge demand for such professionals for weddings.

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